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  • The trifecta of fuckery

    The trifecta of fuckery

    I arrive here in quite a moment. It’s a horrible and vulnerable moment. It’s a moment of huge growth, deep transformation, and supreme mental fuckery. It’s a liminal moment. Liminal means: In between. I’m in between many things.

  • Stuff and stuff

    It’s easy to be overwhelmed when you’re surrounded, as I am at home, by stuff. Small stuff. Big stuff. All mixed in. Take any container of any size, and fill it with random toy-bits. Put that somewhere. A kind friend gives you more toys. Give ’em to the kids. They explode into a billion plastic pieces. […]

  • Summertime

    I’ve always loved summertime. It’s especially precious now that we have kids. Rafael and I share the desire to give them that languid feeling of everlasting vacation that we got to experience. Little did we know what our parents were doing as we watched TV and stayed up late and slept in! Probably just doing […]

  • This is 40

    Big day, folks. Four decades on this planet! That’s me. Forty. Thank God I got most of my identity crisis shit done in my late thirties! I am delighted now. I’m the youngest of all of my friends in their forties. (Sorry, guys.) I’m the wise elder of Those Who Have Not Yet Turned Forty. […]

  • Catching Up

    The longer one puts off a task, the bigger it becomes. Especially with writing. How can I tell you what’s transpired in the last five months? Of course, I’ve thought about writing. Late at night, when I don’t feel right, I craft paragraphs in my head. The language in my head-writing, and here on this […]

  • A Break. It does…

    …I’m not going to finish that headline. But I will tell you I’ve recently had three trips away. And I’m diggity-dogged happy to be home. My sis and I visited our mom up in Sebastopol for her 70th bday. We buried ourselves in cedar, and did as we pleased. I got a nice family-full. Then I flew to […]

  • Hard to say

    It’s hard to say you need help. You haven’t got it figured out. Your shit don’t make no sense. That sounds very dramatic, right? One reason I’d never say any such thing. But it has been a long time since I’ve written you. I’ve been thinking and fretting and falling apart a bit. Happens sometimes. […]