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  • Yes. Facebook.

    You may have seen it on Facebook. You know. I work there now!     It’s been hard to parse the events of the last six months. But I want to. So. How did it happen?  In March, Hot Studio, the design firm where I’d worked for the last six years, was acquired by Facebook. I’d […]

  • A Break. It does…

    …I’m not going to finish that headline. But I will tell you I’ve recently had three trips away. And I’m diggity-dogged happy to be home. My sis and I visited our mom up in Sebastopol for her 70th bday. We buried ourselves in cedar, and did as we pleased. I got a nice family-full. Then I flew to […]

  • Returning to work

    The return to work was rough, mostly because it coincided with my husband being out of town for like, two months. Sure, he was back for a week here and a few days there, but it was intense. With a five-month old and a three-year old, plus a half-assed plan for childcare, it really sucked. […]