Margot is a writer and business owner. In 2022 she moved out of a home shared with her husband of over 17 years and into a rented house to take care of her mom with Alzheimer’s as well as the kids. Much like her marriage, her creative agency also dissolved in 2022. Neither could weather the financial and emotional stress of the COVID pandemic plus the demands of caregiving for someone with dementia.

Being very lonely and heartbroken, Margot started mailing hand-written cards to herself. Weekly walks to the mailbox became meditations in being in a better place. Finding a letter delivered was a delight every time.

She says,

“I wrote the things I needed to hear that no one else could tell me.”

She hopes you’ll like reading these letters and they give you a little bit of a boost to. Take what you find useful and ignore the rest.


The lady writing this in the third person