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  • Yes. Facebook.

    You may have seen it on Facebook. You know. I work there now!     It’s been hard to parse the events of the last six months. But I want to. So. How did it happen?  In March, Hot Studio, the design firm where I’d worked for the last six years, was acquired by Facebook. I’d…

  • Money Changes Everything: the Bay Bridge Carpool Toll

    I yearn for the simpler days when we weren’t all talking about, and exchanging, money in the mutually beneficent system known as Casual Carpool.

  • Riding with Strangers

    Pretty much every weekday morning, I get into a stranger’s car. We don’t talk as we drive across the Bay Bridge. I focus on my iPhone, get caught up on personal emails. Or I stare out the window, watching the giant cargo ships going to and from China and who knows where. I see Alcatraz…