Tag: raising a boy

  • Four and One

    I crawl into the last month of 2011. My back’s out. I’m all tweaked. Many things are going beautifully and just as they should. But I’m uneasy. Perhaps it’s the month that’s dragging me down. F’ing December.

  • Returning to work

    The return to work was rough, mostly because it coincided with my husband being out of town for like, two months. Sure, he was back for a week here and a few days there, but it was intense. With a five-month old and a three-year old, plus a half-assed plan for childcare, it really sucked.…

  • Mommy, Get Your Gun

    It was bound to be bad. The gun in the trunk. The toy gun I mean. That Star Wars-branded, two-foot-long bastard of a “blaster.” Unopened, it remained in its disintegrating Target bag since Christmas. It was a moral issue, a parenting issue, a marital issue…and just a hunk of molded plastic. But by leaving it there,…

  • Going Back

    And all I had to do for a week was to care for Alejandro–which wasn’t half as hard as it is here, when I’m working and constantly running around–and to show him the small things I remembered: the dock, the clams, the constant need for life jackets and bug spray.

  • the Technology Kid

    Alejandro’s heard us tapping away at our computers since before he was born. As a baby, he was propped in my or Rafael’s laps as we worked on creative or work-related docs; answered emails; or surfed the internet. He’s seen the interfaces of YouTube, iTunes, FaceBook, and email since he could focus his eyes. Raf…

  • Sleep

    I always loved to get my sleep on, but now I’m obsessed.

  • Let’s Fight!

    “Let’s fight!” he’ll say, growling as he advances. He’s two. I’ve just walked in the door from a long day at work. He holds a plastic golf club like a rifle, which is pointing at me.