10+ years after the advent of blogging

Ahem. It was back in 2000 that I had the idea for a fictional blog to accompany a novel I hadn’t yet written. I did the information architecture for the website. My friend Dan Simmons designed it in 2003. As part of the process, he listened to me blather about the characters and intention of the blog and the novel behind it. I’m forever indebted. Back then, his design slayed me: it was much cooler than me, and I loved it.

You can see the remnants (or beginning seeds which I never adequately watered) here: www.sfserial.com/cherise (or /brody or /cassie.) I never had the home page coded. Ding dong.

Just as I was about to go gung ho with the fictional blog “sfserial”:

a) I chickened out.
b) I realized if I really wanted to write novels, I should really write my first.
c) I realized I needed to learn to write in a closet–and with a writing coach–rather than on a website.

Now I’m trying really hard not to chicken out again! I’ve finished that novel on which sfserial.com’s characters were based. I’m ready to talk about the amazing process of writing it, and about my humbling-fumbling introduction into parenting too.

Maybe someday I’ll get around to the fictional blog, but for now I’m happy to share excerpts of my happy monstrosity of a manuscript. Hope you enjoy a bit of fiction along with my musings!

What resonates?