Being Happy

In the last month I’ve felt peace I couldn’t imagine or expect. Story Jane, our daughter, was born 16 days late. More beautiful and simply okay than I dared to hope. She’s okay…she’s here…and I’ve felt more relaxed than I can ever remember feeling. I really feel like a mom! Or more specifically: like a happy mom. We have two healthy kids. Of course I’m terrified that anything bad will happen to them–but the now is now, and for once I’m reveling in it.

Rafael has been home for almost two months–what a luxury! The holidays have passed. Our neighborhood is wrapped in rain, Japanese maples, the hills, and highway 24, which you can softly hear from our bedroom. Inside, Story is with us, peaceful and relatively easy to keep content. Alejando is a loving big brother. He’s suddenly evolved into an amazing and confident little person full of stories and jokes and funny insights. While requiring all of our attention, he’s also ridiculously fun to hang out with. He’s just a cool guy, that little blonde Alejandro Marcellus Fernandez.

I think I should just leave it at that, for now. Feeling blessed.

Your friend,


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  1. Erikka Ahn Arone Avatar
    Erikka Ahn Arone

    What a big accomplishment and milestone! You really ARE a mom…of 2!? Looking forward to catching up sometime soon.