You know you’re a parent when…

  1. “a night out” means dinner out
  2. you too eat buttered pasta several times a week
  3. six hours is a dreamy stretch of sleep
  4. your time is…forget it. you have no time.
  5. the statement “it’s a whole new universe” sums it up

What resonates?

5 responses to “You know you’re a parent when…”

  1. Margot Avatar

    I would love new additions. Let’s make it a top 10 list, shall we?

  2. Tonia Broussard Avatar
    Tonia Broussard

    You eat your kids leftover Mac & cheese

  3. Tonia Broussard Avatar
    Tonia Broussard

    You say, “because I said so!”

  4. Lee Avatar

    You wake every morning to a three-some, and it is NOT a college fantasy.

  5. Margot Avatar

    Muah ha ha. Yer makin’ me laugh. Thanks! Got some good responses on FB too, will add them soon.