This is 40

Big day, folks. Four decades on this planet! That’s me. Forty.

Thank God I got most of my identity crisis shit done in my late thirties! I am delighted now. I’m the youngest of all of my friends in their forties. (Sorry, guys.) I’m the wise elder of Those Who Have Not Yet Turned Forty. And I’m cute and humble, too.

It’s not like things are perfect now–it’s life after all. But I hope my forties are about enjoying what I have.

Yes, I’m aware of my blessings! They were singing to me the last few days. Now my job is to quiet my brain. Shut up and enjoy it, Margot! You hear me??

Okay, I may be losing it in my old age. As proof, here is the cheesiest image I have ever posted, and will ever post, on this website:

Your thoughts?



What resonates?

2 responses to “This is 40”

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  2. Susan Avatar

    I am over forty. I always forget but I am and I don’t think it has affected my behavior so much as the cumulative years have limited some options in my life path choices. The biggest one being a gestational carrier. Also, I don’t think the CIA allows people over 35 to start at Langley, but I dealt with over the past couple of years – only Zero Dark 30 and Argo keep throwing it in my face.

    Happy Birthday, Margot!! Cheers to you and more adventures!