I’ve always loved summertime. It’s especially precious now that we have kids. Rafael and I share the desire to give them that languid feeling of everlasting vacation that we got to experience. Little did we know what our parents were doing as we watched TV and stayed up late and slept in! Probably just doing adult stuff like working and cleaning and crap like that.

But it’s a magical moment we’re at right now – Alejandro is almost 6, and moving into Kindergarden on Monday. Story is almost 3, and going to preschool for the first time in a few weeks. Here’s what they’re like:

Alejandro: Kind-hearted thinker. Impatient planner. Video game nut. Lover of weapons. Lover of home. Hater of sleep. Occasional participant in dance-fighting to the pop song Call Me Maybe. Good hugger.

Story: 2.5. Dynamo. Skateboarder. Fairyland-lover. Baller. Smarty pants. Annoying-runner-away-from-me-when-I-try-to-put-on-PJs. Bright spark.

In the last few months Julia our au pair has taken them on adventures together, and Rafael has invested a lot of time playing Minecraft with Ale. It will all change in the next few weeks, as we move into fall. (Early fall is always so beautiful, and warm here in the Bay Area. But it makes me wistful, because I know summer’s behind us and we’ve got winter ahead.)

Back to the kids: I’m so happy to know that both their schools are going to be AMAZING for them. They are ready. They will be well-cared for while I’m at work, and that’s the most precious thing to any parent.

How’s your summer winding down?

– Margot

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