Thanks for listening

  • Printed card has illustrations of plants with the words "thanks for listening"
  • Thank you for slowing down
  • It's unfolding when and as it should.

Dear Margot,

It’s your body talking here. Yeah–you have a body! That big brain is sittin’ on top of something. Me/us! And I just wanted to say, thank you for slowing down.

You’re listening to us again! It feels really good. We know what we need. Or, I’ll say, I know what we need. And I trust you to go get it for us.

The intuitive meditation, the Hipline dance classes, the nice bed…They are just ways in to more joy, abundance, sensual pleasure.

And again, Paolo the Sacred Seed, there’s no rush.

It’s unfolding when and as it should.

🖤 M

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