Darker days behind • Brighter days ahead

  • Printed card with a sun motif and the words "brighter days ahead / darker days behind" circling the sun

Hi Margot,

Summer is coming. More and more warmth, sunlight, and blooms to behold.

The front of this house alone–the lushness of rosebush leaves and dozens of tight dark red buds…It’s where we’re at. It’s where we are germinating.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

Lao Tzu

Don’t rush. You don’t have to fight or argue for what you want any more.

Good things just come.

Remember: All the right nutrients naturally flow to us.

People who love as deeply as us are a gift. But you’re burnt out. So just be a seed.

And know more and more love, warmth, abundance, support, and understanding flows towards you.


We’re learning to ride the waves of joy as well as sorrow.

🖤 Margot

Card by redcapcards.com

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