Brighter skies ahead!

  • Card with bright pink, orange, and yellow colors and gold text that reads "Brighter skies ahead!"
  • Letter to Margot
  • Back of card

Hi Margot!

What if it didn’t end? What if love, abundance, joy, awe, and bliss (as well as pain) didn’t end? What if things kept getting better and better for you for the rest of our lives?

Look at the views. For Goddess’ sake, open the windows and soak them in with wide-open magivision.

See the ocean of love. Same ocean Ram Dass meditates in at Maui. It’s literally circular, endless, living oneness.

Nothing at all for a seed to do besides germinate. That’s enough. Gravitate towards sunlight, warmth, nutrients. Be a seed for now. It’s all.

Love you heart-trooper.


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