And till the end you’re my very best friend

Dear Margot,

OMFG it’s hard! Operating an assisted living facility for a parent with Alzheimer’s while running a solo business, setting up a home, caring for two troubled and precious kids…It’s insane.

You feel insane. But you’re okay. And you’re more sanemore yourselfthan you’ve been in a decade.

I’m sorry it feels so shitty. It is shitty. 

But to remind you of what the Goddess reminded us in that sad Berkeley hillside Airbnb: The path is not treacherous. We’re not in the Southwestern desert of Colorado heading towards the Rockies. We’re in the temperate, abundant hills of Oakland. 

Every morning will be slightly better. 

You’re free. You’ll be okay. I love you. Hang in there. Drink water!

🖤 M

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