One step at a time

  • Printed card with a llama on top of a mountain and the words "one step at a time"

Dear Margot,

Sometimes even a step is impossible. When one is working with Old and Heavy things, you can’t move as quickly, lightly, or nimbly as you’d like.

It’s not even energetically possible to move some things faster.

Some things, like him, will never be moved. No matter how much you hope and pray and positively envision.

Let go, Margot.
Let go, Margot.
Let go.
Let go.

Some days you won’t be able to take any steps at all. Some days are for rest.

Positive things and people come to us. There’s no need to “get” them.

You’re already open and welcoming and playfully receiving. It will come. You’re okay.

🖤 M

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