Congratulations on a supreme effort!

  • A printed card with a drawing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the caption "Congratulations on a supreme effort!"

Dear Margot,

Best Vday in a long time because…You! Me! Us!

“You’re right. I got the better end of the deal because…me!”

Same as post-K9, same as post-any breakup, I’m me. I look like, think like, act like Margot as she is NOW.

There’s something ever-important about this Now thing…

All of the doing in the world won’t prevent the moments from happening. The sad ones, the awkward ones, the poignant ones.

The question is: Will we notice them? Will we feel them?

Now that we are alone with all the richness of ourselves, and with space, I think YES.

Good effort. This shit sucks.

🖤 M

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