Year: 2022

  • Thanks for listening

    Thanks for listening

    It’s your body talking here. Yeah–you have a body! That big brain is sittin’ on top of something. Me/us! And I just wanted to say, thank you for slowing down. You’re listening to us again! It feels really good.

  • Darker days behind • Brighter days ahead

    Darker days behind • Brighter days ahead

    Don’t rush. You don’t have to fight or argue for what you want any more. Good things just come. Remember: All the right nutrients naturally flow to us. People who love as deeply as us are a gift. But you’re burnt out. So just be a seed.

  • Brighter skies ahead!

    Brighter skies ahead!

    What if it didn’t end? What if love, abundance, joy, awe, and bliss (as well as pain) didn’t end? What if things kept getting better and better for you for the rest of our lives? Look at the views. For Goddess’ sake, open the windows and soak them in with wide-open magivision.

  • Everything will be OK

    Everything will be OK

    This card and its picture are so sad and beautiful. I feel it, and I wish I could bring you a nourishing fish to show you my care. Since you’re a human not a whale, it must come in the form of water, healthy food, walks outside, talks with friends, and soft, clean bedding.

  • Congratulations on a supreme effort!

    Congratulations on a supreme effort!

    All of the doing in the world won’t prevent the moments from happening. The sad ones, the awkward ones, the poignant ones. The question is: Will we notice them? Will we feel them?

  • One step at a time

    One step at a time

    Sometimes even a step is impossible. When one is working with Old and Heavy things, you can’t move as quickly, lightly, nimbly as you’d like. Some things, like him, will never be moved, no matter how much you hope and pray and positively envision.

  • And till the end you’re my very best friend

    And till the end you’re my very best friend

    Operating an assisted living facility for a parent with Alzheimer’s while running a solo business, setting up a home, caring for two troubled and precious kids… You feel insane. But you’re okay.